Do's And Don'ts

Matei’s Salt Cave is equipped with computerized maintenance and microclimate self-regeneration system, without odours (both chemical and natural) without exceeding the normal temperature and humidity suitable for human thermal comfort. Interior walls and floor of the Salt Room are lined with natural pure salt rocks. Salt is a strong substance, highly hydrophilic and very sensitive to odours. Contact with such substances can lead to temporary or total impairment of the quality of salt! Impairment of salt or soaking it with different odours can lead to even irreparably altering of the interior or atmosphere.

It is forbidden:

  • The storage near the Salt Room of moist substances and materials impregnated with odours, different odorous substances, volatile substances, smoke etc.
  • Entering the Salt Room with odorous substances or materials (even food!)
  • Entering the Salt Room with fluids (even juices that contain flavouring or chemical additives)
  • Smoking in Salt Room or on the premises
  • Entering the Salt Room with dirty clothes and shoes, dusty or impregnated with various substances
  • Open fire use (even a shimmering candle)
  • Use of other lighting sources than of the equipment
  • Ozone devices, ultraviolet lamps, air humidity devices etc. – heating devices of any kind –
  • Substances or materials which may depreciate salt or natural wood
  • Leaving the Salt Room enter door open, more than is necessary to enter or exit
  • Touching the protection grids or the salt behind them
  • The application of destructive forces (even by hand) on the walls, protection grid on benches
  • Leaving the Salt Room door open for longer than 60 sec.
  • Leaving children unattended inside!
  • Attention! Entering the Salt Room is made only in clean clothes, proper to cure and only in sanitary slippers