Mateis Salt Cave

Sports Treatment

Recovery treatment with Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy can dramatically enhance sports performance by improving lung function and increasing lung capacity and stamina. At The Salt Spot, we understand that when you’re an athlete every advantage counts. The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their maximum potential. One of the most important factors in attaining this is improving your breathing pattern.

The aim of Salt Therapy is to normalise the breathing pattern. When the body is working within its physiologically
normal parameters it can work at an increased level of performance. Stamina and endurance are maximised.
Athletes find that once they have corrected their breathing pattern, they can achieve better performance with less
breath. This means athletes have more air in reserve and hence perform at an optimal level. When you want to
win, you have to get that edge.

There are several known respiratory conditions that affect athletes. These include air flow obstruction, which leads
to a reduction in performance; increased bronchial responsiveness; exposure to airborne allergens and other
unwanted inhaled particles; and respiratory illnesses and conditions such as asthma, allergies and airway
inflammation. Salt Therapy is a completely natural, drug-free solution to these issues.

Not only does it help increase lung capacity, it also aids in speeding up recovery between training sessions. The
salt room is very relaxing and your body will deep rest whilst in there. Salt Therapy is the latest trend in professional sports training. National teams in Eastern Europe regularly integrate Salt Therapy into their training regime. Teams spend a week at time training in huge underground salt caves, such as the one in Poland, Romania and Ukraine which boasts a speleotherapy unit with an underground sport-field and basketball court/ football pitch.