Beneficial Effects:

Soap made from salt crystals allows the skin to regenerate on its own without the use of any other cream or cosmetics, adjusts the skin’s natural pH and helps maintain skin elasticity.

General Use: After normal cleansing, rub wet skin with salt soap. The crystallized salt can be rubbed off the skin, but do not wash it off because it adjusts the skin’s natural pH. Used as an antiperspirant, it does not mask unpleasant body odor, but prevents it from developing. During use, a grayish sludge may dissolve from the salt soap, which is beneficial due to its high mineral content.

What is it recommended for:  facial care, dry and oily and acne prone skin, skin diseases (eczema, allergies, fungus, infection, psoriasis, herpes), as an antiperspirant.



Composition: Sodium Chloride.

Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to one or more components.

Storage: Protected from light and heat, at temperatures between 0-25C.

All our products contain 100% Natural Ingredients, completely free from Potassium, Fluoride, Chemicals, Additives and Anti-Caking agents.  Dermatologic and Toxicological tested, approved by the Ministry of Health in Romania.