Therapeutic Indications: It is known that the skin is an excellent absorbent. Benefit from the positive effects of a bath with BATH SALT – in addition to the fact that salts help to relax the body, they also have remarkable therapeutic effects, soothe pain, tone the skin, help improve blood circulation, strengthen the body and fight colds. In addition, the 100% natural volatile oils from medicinal plants that are part of the bath salt have an aromatherapy effect, helping to relax and invigorate the body.

Way of usage: Pour about 0.5 kg of bath salt into the tub, and then fill it with warm water. The bath can last 15-30 minutes, without rinsing, in order not to diminish the effect of the “salt mantle”.

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Ingredients: Gem Salt, Vegetable Oils (mixture of 100% natural medicinal oils: Rosemary, Orange, Lemon Balm).

Recommendations: – Adjuvant in the diet of rheumatism and respiratory tract infections, gynecological problems, post-traumatic recovery (fractures, dislocations, sprains), relaxing.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to one or more components.

Storage: protected from light and heat, at temperatures between 0-25C.

All our products contain 100% Natural Ingredients, completely free from Potassium, Fluoride, Chemicals, Additives and Anti-Caking agents.  Dermatologic and Toxicological tested, approved by the Ministry of Health in Romania.

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